Oil Painting of flower



About my art still :
I use rotation of roses as an exclusive technique and
simultaneously take care of composition, rhythm and
profoundness of the work so as to
enhance the beauty of my work.
Roses, as delicate and timeless symbols, hold profound
meaning for me. They represent the essence of beauty, the
fragility of life, the tranquility of peace, and the boundless
power of love. In my creative journey, I do believe in
transformative and evocative power of flowers.

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Oil Painting


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about me:

"Selected by the junry “Toranj” international festival on June 2022 ,24."

I am an artist with more than 20 years of experience in art painting and member of Bloom art,Aghigh,Daya association’and also selected and awarded by some festival juries such as Toranj international festival in June 2022 in a local competition. I have experience of collaborating in the field of art For example, judging painting competitions and holding training workshops and performing live painting for the openings and commemorations of major oil companies in my country (NIOC, POGC) by accepting invitations from these companies. I have conducted numerous workshops as well as exhibitions, and The main area of my creative work is floral painting. that is consistently displayed across all my art pieces

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Oil Painting

Gallery of Flower perfume


One-piece paintings 70 * 70 cm from oil paintings in the style of flowers

oil painting of rozes

Creator of floral painting

specializing in floral paintings

Join us to learn more about rosenaz’s views on art.

  • Art consultant of live performances for Rayehe Negar Azin Kavir Art Institute
  • Participating in some ceremonies held by NIDC and POGC (2 biggest oil&gas companies) as a live painter on the stage and also as a head of jury teams at the painting competition. Accomplishing and delivering more than 30 paint workshops requested by NIDC and POGC on their special ceremonies. (2013
  • Creating Artwork that is accurate and good looks and in accordance with customer specifications.
  • 2 Years collaboration with Ahvaz Museum of contemporary
  • Art as an artistic consultant Experience in cooperation with building builders by providing patina and wall painting inside the building. Design, develop, and deliver art pieces to clients according to specifications
Roze Naz Gallery

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Roze Naz

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Creator of floral painting.